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Rebound Talks

Aug 12, 2020

Dr. Alan Levinovitz is an Associate Professor of Religion at James Madison University. He works at the intersection of philosophy, religion, and science, focusing especially on how narratives and metaphors shape belief. He is the author of The Gluten Lie. His next book, Natural, explores the false faith that results from turning Nature into God.

In this interview, we are going to be talking about how to stay open-minded, embracing uncertainty, and how faith in nature's goodness leads to harmful fads, unjust laws, and flawed science.

Some questions I ask:
(02:15) What are some examples of something that is natural to us that can be inherently bad?
(04:16) Is eating organic is not necessarily better?(12:17) What do you do to stay open-minded?(31:16) is natural like the new hip religion?