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Rebound Talks

Aug 19, 2020

Laurie Anne Helgoe is an American psychologist and author of Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength. She specializes in personality development and the psychology of desire. In 2008, her writing revealed that scholarly and popular accounts regarding humans who display the personality traits of introversion and extroversion were flawed. Instead of representing a 25-30% of the population, introverts make up 57% of the population. 

In this interview, we are going to talk about: How to identify whether you are an introvert or not, what can introverts and extroverts learn from each other, why western cultures highly value extroverted qualities, and how to “meditate in the middle of the mosh pit.”

Some questions I ask: (02:19) What is introversion? How can someone know whether they are an introvert or not? (10:42) What can we do to meditate in the middle of the mosh pit? (18:53) What do you think introverts and extroverts have to learn from each other? (27:02) How can you know when you have had too much external stimuli and what can you do?