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Rebound Talks

May 26, 2020

Dean Radin, PhD, is Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) and Associated Distinguished Professor of Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). For over three decades he has been engaged in research on the frontiers of consciousness. He is author or co-author of hundreds of scientific, technical, and popular articles, four dozen book chapters, and four popular books including the Scientific and Medical Network’s 1997 book award, The Conscious Universe , Entangled Minds, a 2014 Silver Nautilus Book Award, Supernormal, and Real Magic

Some questions I ask: (12:04) How can humans tap into universal consciousness?  (17:40) What is the science behind these affirmations and visualizations? (27:44)What was one experiment that completely shattered your belief system? (30:31) How did you get recruited to a secret government program? (34:16) What do speculate is going on in Area 51?