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Rebound Talks

Jan 20, 2021

Moran Cerf is a French-Israeli neuroscientist, assistant professor of business (at the  Kellogg School of Management), investor, and a former hacker.

He is the founder of Think-Alike and B-Cube and the host and curator of PopTech, one of the top 5 leading conferences in the world.

Cerf has received numerous awards, including the Templeton Foundation "Extraordinary Minds," he was named one of the "40 leading professors below 40,' and he has won several national storytelling competitions, notably, the Moth Grandslam, multiple times. He is also a science consultant to Hollywood films and TV series (Limitless Bull Falling Water, etc.)

Today we are exploring the depths of consciousness: this includes dreams, psychedelics, how we could potentially hack our psyche with different techniques that he mentions, and lastly Moran tries to answer one of the mysteries of science. Where does consciousness come from?