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Rebound Talks

Aug 5, 2020

Dr. Joel Bennett is President of OWLS (Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems) based in Texas. His stress management and resilience programs have reached over 250,000 workers across the US and abroad. His guest speaker Dr. John Gaal used to focus on organizational leadership. But, after losing his son to suicide, he has made it his mission to stop the stigma associated with mental illness, addiction, and suicide.   

Some Questions I ask: (01:30) What is the difference between good and bad stress? (11:22) Is there a point where stress can give you a mental illness, and how do you know when and where to reach out to someone? (40:18) What would you say is the determining factor when it comes to growing or not growing from a setback? (50:11) What tools can people use to build their resilience?