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Rebound Talks

Jun 24, 2020

"What really matters is your love for something, that's the reality of the world" Ken Mogi is a neuroscientist, best-selling author, and broadcaster based in Tokyo, Japan. He is a senior researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories and a professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Ken has written over 100 books on popular science, essay, criticism, and self-help. His books have sold nearly one million copies. In 2012, he was Japan's first TED speaker. In this interview we focus on his first book in English titled “Awakening Your Inner Ikigai”. Also, how to find ikigai or purpose in your life, mindfulness, the dangers of AI, much more. Some questions I ask: (02:07) What does IKIGAI mean? (03:44) How can someone cultivate IKIGAI in their life? (08:22) In a culture that is obsessed with overnight successes, how can we teach them to start small? (36:40) How is the “focusing illusion” luring people to pursue the wrong things in life? (44:58) How can people that believe in the western conception of GOD, learn from the Japanese belief of 8 million gods and start to appreciate the small things in life?