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Rebound Talks

Oct 21, 2020

Sam Richards is a sociologist and teacher of the largest race relations course in the US. Every Tuesday and Thursday he livestreams his classes on YouTube, and he has amassed a huge following. SOC 119 was the subject of an Emmy Award-winning television broadcast called, You Can’t Say That.” Sam’s willingness to take risks and push new ideas is what led him to be named one of the “101 Most Dangerous Professors in America.” In his  Penn State University course he attacks, with humor and courage, questions most would choose to avoid.

He is also the founder of the World in Conversation project. Every year, more than 7,000 students participate in its mission is to create a conscious dialogue around the politically incorrect thoughts of the participants, bringing them out in the open for inspection.

Some question I ask:  Where do you think the future of education is going? How have you managed to get people from a certain culture and place to entertain opposing ideas? How can we tackle the problem of fake news and getting to the bottom of the truth? With social media just re confirming our existing biases, where do you see the future of society going and how can we battle against this?